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Taxway College began with a dream to create an institution where student would be educated to actuallize their potentials and succeed as human begins . it is an institution striving not only for academic excellence but producing seasoned human beings who shall take the reins of nations & become valuable assets In the great progency of teachers. Keeping in time with the developments in the educational strategies around the globe, taxway College has been envisoned to develop into a strong center for providing total quality in teacher educational opportunities .


Taxway college has practical leaning atmoshere , with experienced and highly qualified faculty members.Taxway College is an educatinal hub which is linked with many institutions to give practical exposure to students .it is working as a youth Development center to nurture all – rounders capable enough to face all the future challenges . taxway college offers uner graduate , Post Graduate & Training programme in Technical Professional course like Accountng , journalism mass Communication IT, Education , Applied Sciences and Manegment . this is the only College in Ajmer which has the most sought – after accounting Training That Consist of E- Accounting & E-Taxation .Taxway College Strives to Synthesize meanigfully state- of - the art technological knowledege and skills with cultural values never the less with modern outlook so as to create true professionaL who maintain integrity and equilibrium in today's demanding times.

Features / Objectives: -

  • Interactive classrooms.
  • Well equipped laboratories and resourceful library.
  • Hostels, where rooms are well-furnished with all other requirements.
  • Sports courts to encourage sportsmanship.
  • Eco-friendly environment.


Courses Available: -

  • Advanced Accounting Training
  • Advanced E- Accounting & E-Taxation
  • Distanse Courses of Jaipur National university (JNU)
  • Advanced Computer Assistant Training Smart Accounting & Taxation
  • Self -Employment , E-Accounting & E- Taxation
  • Office Assistant Trainig
  • Unversity Course

Such as : MBA, MCA, PGDCA, PGDM, BBA, BCA, B.Sc. etc.

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