Brain Induction Training School is a venture based on the understanding and firm belief that studies can be done in A very enjoyable and playful manner . Studies at BITS are based on the CBSE curriculum and our experts at BITS  have incorporated the mnemonic science techniques into the standard and necessary CBSE curriculum making the student study in a stress free manner Brain Induction Training School , We Through our highly researched and innovative brain technique replace the conventional rote and repeat method of learning . there are 4 components in studies- reading , writing , comprehension and Memorization . while every school focuses immensely on the first three aspects. The last (memorization) is still ineffectively dealt with.
BITS School works on the factual parts of our brain and enables us to memorize many thing and everything effectively.
In the scenario of intense of intense competition and an ever high expectation of parents for 95% score . BITS School can be Confidently termed as the only solution for the children to understand develop a healthy learning ability, treat studies as a friend , develop a habit of studies without taking it as a burden and score increasingly hgh grades while not having to indulge in studies throughout day.


Benefits of BITS School

  • Regular Studies are not interrupted . Student Follow a regular CBSE Curriculum
  • Student gets the help of the Mnemonic Science Technique under the same roof and ther is no need go for tuition or any other coaching institute
  • Student Study in a Stress in a Stress free Environment and develop a liking towards studies and a habit to know more about their subjects developing their knowledge as a result . hence creating a bright future for them expected.

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