Florence , unisex Beauty salon is one of the major investement ventures of the taxway Group . To strengthen our taxway Chain , Florence was Origined with the mission to enhance the beauty of Indiviuals . Florence's main pupose is to provide the best services with in the beauty industry . in Today 's fashionable world we are keeping up the trend and style . we are unique in our own way and treat customers / client as special.


Our exclusive Srvies include: -

  • We used branded cosmetic products
  • Hi-tech machineries are installed
  • We employ expirenced and trained staff
  • We often provied training to the beginners with certified courses
  • Hyginec ambience
  • We are Customer Oriented

As of the leading station, Florence is a game Changer in the Industry. We Respect our Clients and hope to deliver what is expected.

Please Visit Here: theflorencecare.com

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