Just Hasyam

India's first live Laughter Club framed and structured by Laughter Champion and Comic Poet Mr.Ras Bihari Gaur and Mr. Niranjan Kumar. This is a global family of exaltation and glee under which the emperor of humor Mr. Sunil Paul, Mr.Raju Srivastava , Mr. Kapil Sharma , Miss Bharti etc. have made you laugh. This is not just a live Laughter Club, but conducts live Laughter shows also and Laughter shows are held at all over the India by renowned comic artists.

Features / Objectives: -

  • Preparation of systematic laughter network.
  • To set up Just Hasyam Comedy clubs in various cities of the country and the world.
  • To organise Comedy based live shows on various occasions throughout the year.
  • Publication of a Monthly magazine in which information of the Central Club along with other Clubs to reach the masses of the country.

Please Visit Here: justhasyam.com

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